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Status Guns and Engineering was established in 1979 by Nelson Collie with the specific purpose of providing a high quality international gunsmithing and firearms development service.

This initial concept has succeeded and expanded to include not only a complete range of custom gunsmithing and gun making, but also a wide range of firearms and non-firearms light engineering activities which include:

Manufacture of Status Brand Net Projectors for live animal capture (World Wide Distribution by Ace Capture Equipment), Status .50 BMG Rifles, Status 35 303 Rifles, Silent Rifles , Status Muzzle brakes, Status Compensators, Status Gray Stainless Metal finishing, Status Miroku over/under Lever & Hammer Springs, Status_moon Clips, and Status Bore Cleaner.

Making or modifying firearms, sports and non sports equipment for the disabled.

Licensed Supplier of Fire Arms Services to the Movie Industry.

Development of prototypes for inventors.

Making and repairing unusual machinery for industrial use.

In addition to the above a ballistic forensic advisory service is also available to police, lawyers, and individuals.

Staff consists of Nelson Collie FNZSG, Dip.,Ag. Linc. master gunsmith, and Jim Huffstutler ex United States Air force, computer graphics, data processing, and Web pages.

Status Guns and Engineering has Clients in Africa, Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Hungry, Papua New Guinea, Tahiti, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Zambia.

The expansion and addition of services are an ongoing feature of Status Guns and Engineering.

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